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Tower Of Thoth
It's 12:00am
too dark to see past my hands
too cold to move
Since 6 months ago
I've been locked in this tower
with darkness my only company;
I watched as the hours
slowly passed by
Once a few months
my window gets open
And I can see the sun,
feel its rays on my cold dead skin
I'm deficient in vitamin D
Once a month is too little
so I've grown sickly,
deformed by the sun's absence
It's okay though
one day that the window was open
I let a bird slip in
I named him Thoth
He fills the void left by the sun
He gave me strength when I had none
But Thoth is the god of knowledge
something I already have
Ra is the sun god
which is what I truly need...
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 4 0
Sexual Tension
I see the lust in his eyes,
a whirlwind of locked desire,
looking for a way to be unleashed
There's hidden intentions in all he does
He's always finding an opportunity
for our skins to touch
I want him to cross the line
I want to feel what he feels
I don't want to be forbidden anymore
I want to be his sweet meal
To feel different hands on my body
would awaken what I've been trying to hide
The fact that I want him to take me
I can no longer deny
I wish I could touch his body,
feel him up with my hands;
rub myself against him,
do his every command
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 23 2
Rag Doll
Crawling in my skin
inhabits the worms of death
they prance in my flesh
tracing out little tunnels
I pierce the epidermis with a needle
blood gushes out feeding the worms;
the sudden sting left me idle
So I lick the wound delicately
dragging the maggots with my tongue
I bite myself and savor death
now I can continue the cleansing
I pull out the needle from the other side
the string quickly passing through
gathering all impurities along the way
leaving a stitch at the end
I repeat this process
...over and over again
stitch by aching stitch
I must be all prettied up by midnight
have to please master with my appendages
become his atrocious little doll;
I'm the putrefaction that never ages
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 6 2
Touch Me
Theres nothing else I wanna do but
outstand you with my touch;
under your skin, make it
crawl; Leave you
hot and bothered wanting more
Mark your lips for my taking;
exhaust your endurance till you're shaking
Know this:
it is you that makes me lose control;
savor my desire in each kiss
see how much I long for you
Make me yours
engulf my body till it's sore
Feel my chest pressed against your skin
unveil all my temptations and all my
cravings; For you I'd get on my
kness and make you feel ecstasy
My sweet master
entice me with your laughter
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 5 2
I'm waiting for you, my love
waiting peacefully in the dark
shadows bathing my skin
concealing all the sins
I'm waiting for you, my love
in this wooden rocking chair
rocking myself back and forth
drowning the sounds of despair
I'm waiting for you, my love
and I've lost track of time
can't remember when you were mine;
This seems endless
I'm so tired of being here...
You lied to me didn't you?
You're never coming back,
it's just as I feared
You ask me what I do now that I'm alone
You tell me not to worry, "Daddy's coming home"
You feed me hope every night
saying everything will be alright
when you know how much it breaks me
that I can't caress your face
can't hold you close in an embrace
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 7 4
The Antidote Wore Off
Your touch used to give me life
it used to hold me together
it once made me immune
to the violent venom
Now you fill my heart with poison
you stain my memories with pain
you dig you fingers in my wounds
you made me forget my name

In my veins my blood is clotting
because of you my heart is rotting
and it can't regenerate back to health
because the antidote has been stealthed
So hear me out when I say
I wish you'd simple stay away
Now that the antidote wore off
there's nothing I can do, to make it stop
I wish you were still my shield
and could protect me from this corruption
but that's not how you feel
you only want my destruction...
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 7 1
P.S: I'm Sorry
I'm sorry for my absence
I'm sorry for the emptiness I made you feel
I'm sorry for all the pain I put you through
I'm sorry for making your nightmares real
I'm sorry for the tears I'm shedding as I write this
they don't compare to the thousands you cried
I'm sorry I turned our relationship
into one sick lullaby
I'm sorry I didn't notice how much you loved me
I was too distant in our affair
I'm sorry I never showed you
just how much I really cared
I'm sorry for this and many things more
I'm sorry for everything, that your heart, it tore
I never meant to do these things to you
you who loved me unconditionally
you who were with me daily;
I'm sorry I ever said your love wasn't true
I can't express how deeply my heart cries
now that it finally realized
it was me all along
it was me who was wrong...
P.S: I'm sorry you got to meet me
I regret ever living
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 7 2
Last Whisper
Everyone on Earth died...
all my friends and family...gone
Well, I never cared for family
let’s just say my loved ones
When everyone died,
Earth turned black & white
I’m living every day in gray tones
it reminds me of the falling ashes
when I visited their tombstones
I finally got what I wanted
It feels so absolute now
that I don’t know what to do with it
The eerie absence of voices
carves fear in my heart
I miss everyone…
I’m all alone…
why did they have to die?
...why did I survive!?
It should’ve been me...
it should’ve been me...
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 3 6
Through Her Distant Eyes
Crawling beneath the surface of my eye
there is a damaged fruit fly;
It’s become as anxious as I,
trying to burst through the sides
I dig my nails in trying to dig it out
only to feel the eggs it’s laid there
Panic takes a hold of me
I don’t know what to do,
should I scream till I can’t no more
or wait till my eye is consumed
I’m paralyzed in place
lost in time
My eyes no longer mirror my soul
now they are distant
locking many mysteries untold
on these void eyes
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 3 0
Metamorphose Of The Swarm
Each day that slowly ticks away
I'm progressing, I'm transforming
Every cell in my body shifts and twist
sending pulsations of agony in each turn;
I begin to wonder how much I can resist
before I give myself to the unknown
Someone pour a chemical in my pod,
this is what I believe makes me react
A mysterious catalyst,
to whom my cells have become its host
The abduction of reason has become severe;
I can no longer trust my instincts
I'm becoming feral
I'm becoming-
I've turned savage...
The chemical courses through my veins
awakening the dormant swarm;
what once made my blood stained
now fuels the horde
My vectors reach out towards the environment
corrupting everything they touch
Unwilling victim of necrosis
when she called upon metamorphosis
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 3 2
Crooked Wings
Here he comes again
the nephilim with crooked wings
He leaves desolation in his path
people wanting to follow it are left aghast
His crooked wings are but a myth
no one has ever really seen them
myth says you see them in his shadow
only if you are of great significance to him
I yearn to run my fingers down his back
feel his infamous wings on my fingertips
and wish this touch he'd return back
with an added kiss on my lips
This mysterious creature; where did he come from?
Why am I lured to him? Why do I succumb...
Oh but you should hear his voice
tone so deep makes my body ache;
I wish he'd breathe my name down my neck
and with it my desire would awake
Half angel
half human
All the capability of dominating this world
all the probability of dominating my world
I'll lose myself in him, this I know
for this nephilim has consumed my soul
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 4 0
Day 89
I found this Venus flytrap
all alone in the hot desert
I decided to leave it there
but take good care of it;
gave it enough water
before it perished
Venus started to get leafy
the shiniest leaves, I've ever seen
I watched as Venus trapped insects
luring them with her bright red insides,
though I must confess
I never understood why she didn't ate them
The day that came was 89
this was the day I became blind
the day I got taken what was mine
when Venus got confined
I didn't see when it came
this vicious creature with no name
All I do know is:
Day 90 passed by
and I had regained my eyesight
to notice the desert hot & alone again
The only sign left that there was ever a plant
was the tiny ditch at the end of the ground
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 3 0
Afflicted With Grief
I used to have a heart
till you stole it
Ripped it off my chest
left me hollow and bleeding
"Please forgive me" you told me
as you pierced it with thorns
sending ripples of anguish so great
made me wish I was unborn
I never dreamed I'd be heartless
never thought it was possible
for someone to abduct your only organ
capable of passion
You dare mourn my loss
when it was you who took my life
Take your grief elsewhere
get away from me
I'm glad I'm dead now
'cause I'm finally free
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 5 10
The Red Kaleidoscope
I saw it
I finally saw the truth
through the kaleidoscope of my dreams
All doubts have been cleared out
all hesitation turned into fascination
They say dreams aren't real
that you dream what you want but can't have
Although this might be true
there's something you should know:
You can make it reality if you really want to
So here I am kaleidoscope in my hands
trying to hold on to my new acquired truth
I wish you would just understand
when I finally say "I love you"
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 5 0
Bad Influence
This is wrong
so very wrong
I feel it deep in my bones
But I don't care
these repulsive thoughts are alluring
I want them to happen
The severity of the situation
is not as bad as it seems
the wrongness you feel?
just dismiss it as a dream
It might be sick and twisted to others
but they-are-wrong
it feels good
:iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 7 4
You Too Will Be Judged by UrDeadlyDesire You Too Will Be Judged :iconurdeadlydesire:UrDeadlyDesire 41 33

My collection of poems<3 and some photography


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Artist | Student | Literature
Puerto Rico
Name's Adriana. I'm very shy and strange.
October....hmm a lot of "intredesting" things so far. I don't know what to feel if anxious or distant. I'll opt for both they compliment each other. The past is slipping away, I write to remember but I live to forget....
Anyways I just started my 3rd poetry notebook :la: Time to draw crap on the cover to fill its red empty look. And I finally got curious enough to download Attack on Titan, lets see if pays off I need the distraction lol. For some reason I really can't wait for Halloween this year...I anticipate the excitement is going to be immense.
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